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8th Grade Classroom Rules and Procedures 2011-2012


Teachers will tell students what materials are needed based on the supply list that was sent out with the registration packet.


See Chaminade grading scale in your student agenda book or in the Parent Handbook.  Parents and students are asked to review the studentís grades consistently and regularly throughout the school year.  It is the studentís responsibility to be aware of his or her progress and grade in each class.  Grades are posted on a continuous basis. 


1. Late class work and homework WILL NOT be tolerated.  Work will only be accepted from students.  Students will not be allowed to return to lockers to get work, supplies, etc.  Students are expected to complete all homework and have it in class the day it is due.  Any student who does not have the required homework will be assigned to attend homework lab during lunch on the next day.  Students are expected to report to the lab with their lunch and the necessary assignments within ten minutes of the start of lunch. Students will be required to stay in the lab for at least twenty minutes.  When the work is completed, students will turn it in to the teacher or counselor in charge of the lab.  Only complete and neat work will be accepted.  Work will be submitted to the teacher to be graded.  A maximum of half-credit will be given.  Parents of students who are habitually assigned to the lunch lab may be required to conference with the Administration.  Students who do not attend lab will be referred to the Dean of Students.  

2.  If one's printer is not working properly, the student is still responsible for turning in the work by emailing the typed work to the teacher as an attachment.  All typed work is due in hard copy.

3. When returning from an absence, STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for getting all make-up work and turning it in on time.  If a student misses one class meeting, then the work is due the next class meeting.  For longer absences, the student should meet with each of his or her teachers and make arrangements for when absent work should be due.  This policy applies to all class work and homework. 

4. When absent on the day of a scheduled test or quiz, students must make arrangements with the teacher to take the missed test or quiz ON THE DATE OF RETURN. Thus, the student should be prepared to take the missed test or quiz upon returning to school. In the event of an extended absence, students will make reasonable arrangements with each of his or her teachers to take the missed test or quiz.

5. Projects/long-term assignments will be assigned a due date and will be graded based on the full points available if handed in on time. A late project is defined as one which is not turned in at the beginning of the class period by the student.  Long term projects need to be turned in on the date it is due.

6. If a project is one (1) class late, the highest grade available will be a "B" (i.e., dropped one letter grade); two (2) days late, the highest grade available will be a "C" (i.e., dropped two letter grades); three (3) days late, the highest grade available will be a "D" (i.e., dropped three letter grades). After three (3) days, the highest grade available will be an "F".  If a project is not turned in, the student will receive no credit (i.e. a "zero").

7. Although planned trips are discouraged, they are sometimes unavoidable. In writing, please notify the deans, the academic vice principal, the counselor, the health office and each teacher at least ten days in advance. Efforts will be made to put together a packet before the trip; however, it is the teacher's prerogative to give make up work when the student returns.  All the work is due upon the day of the studentís return.


1. Come prepared daily: Bring all classroom materials and actively participate in classroom activities and discussions.

2. Respect other people and their property.

3. Follow directions.

4.  Look neat and presentable in school uniform.  Shirts must always be tucked in.  Skirts must be knee-length.  Hoods on sweatshirts must be worn down in class.

5. Gum, food, and drinks are not acceptable in the classrooms.

6.  X Block students must have an approved pass to leave X Block.  This pass must be obtained prior to the final lunch bell.


All typed work must have the proper, designated school heading:  full name, instructorís name, subject/block, and date.  Students will follow Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for typed work, placing the MLA heading in the upper left-hand corner, double-spaced.

       Example:   John Foley
                       Mr. Clark
                       Physical Science/Block A
                       September 15, 2011

In addition to any rubrics and/or editing sheets given by the teacher, all formal writing assignments should follow the traits of good writing: presentation, word choice, sentence fluency, organization, voice, conventions, and ideas.

Please print out this document for your records, sign, and RETURN THE BOTTOM PORTION to your X Block teacher by Friday, September 2, 2011.  


I, ________________________, have read the eighth grade rules and
(Please print first and last name)       procedures of faculty and administration.

Parent Signature________________________ Date______________

Student Signature_______________________ Date______________



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