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The Performance Lab of California is a performance facility using the latest biomechanical technology to improve movement. We use 18 motion capture cameras to record 16 different movements to assess athletes. We improve specific areas such as; joint mobility, muscle stability, motor control, balance, and muscle utilize to enhance overall power and functional strength. The system formulates the data into an objective score that identifies what areas need to be addressed. We then implement the corrective exercises needed, specific to the individual.
 We opened in Los Angeles in July and are currently working with NBA and NFL players, Olympic sprinters, collegiate athletes, and local high schools. Our technology is used by trainers, coaches, and players, for increased athletic performance. We also work with therapist, chiropractors, and doctors, providing objective data for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

According to Doctor Lindsey Strauss, "An estimated 2 million high school athletes were injured last year. Most of those injuries can be prevented"
Last football season we screened 53 Chaminade football players in our lab. We found countless imbalances, compensation patterns and over-use/under-use issues. We implemented corrective exercises addressing risk factors and had great success with injury prevention. Four of the top players with the highest injury risk scores reduced their risk enough to make it through the entire season uninjured. Our mission is to help athletes with injury prevention and increase performance. Identifying posture problems, joint stability and mobility issues at a young age stop compensation patterns that would eventually manifest into injury. Chaminade goes to great lengths to set their players on the path to super-health that will benefit students long after they have graduated from the program.

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