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Tryouts Schedule & Information

Winter Tryouts Schedule
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Updated as of 10/26/17
Please note that the Tryout Schedule is subject to change.



Chaminade Middle School is committed to conducting a fair and unbiased tryout for all students wishing to be part of a Chaminade team.  The information below details our tryout process.  

General Information

  • There are no signups required ahead of time to participate in tryouts

  • Chaminade schedules multiple days for tryouts so that students can attend a tryout should there be a conflict on a particular day.

  • Chaminade offers 2-3 days of tryouts for sports that cannot sustain a large numbers of team members or for sports that have multiple leveled teams.

  • Students must be academically eligible to participate in tryouts or on a team as per school policy.

  • Students are NOT required to attend all of the tryout dates to be considered for a team. 

  • Students are encouraged to attend as many tryouts as possible but must attend/participate in at least one tryout to be considered for a team.

  • If a student cannot make a tryout date, he/she should notify the coach and/or Athletic Director.

  • If a student is unable to attend or participate in any of the scheduled tryouts for a particular sport/team, he/she will not be eligible for team selection for that sport/team.

  • There are no make-up tryouts. 

  • As per school policy, students must be in attendance for 2 academic blocks to be eligible to participate in after school sports on the same day.

  • Students that decide to withdraw from trying out before the team is posted need to let the coaches know as soon as possible.

  • Injured/sick students:

    • Students must participate in their regularly scheduled Physical Education class to be eligible to participate in tryouts (and games).

    • Students must be cleared by their doctor to participate in the tryouts if there is an ongoing illness or injury that has caused them to be excused from their Physical Education class.

    • Students with casts may attend tryouts but must provide a note from their doctor detailing all restricted and all allowed activities.

    • Coaches/Athletic Trainer can ask students with casts not to participate in certain drills/activities if the coach/trainer feels the cast creates a danger to the student or to others.

  • Athletes may only participate on one team during each season: Fall, Winter, Spring. (see exception in next bullet)

  • Year-round sport (Cheer, Fencing, Equestrian) team members must consult with their coach, as well as the season-sport coach, whether it is feasible to participate in a seasonal sport and a Year-round team at the same time.

  • Team Rosters are closed once the teams have been posted online.

  • Non-rostered players may NOT participate in practice with rostered players.

The Tryout Process

  • Students will report to the venue for the tryout

  • Students sign-in at the tryout with the coach

  • Coach(s) may use numbers and/or a digital camera to help identify athletes

  • Coach(s) will:

    • Introduce themselves and their background

    • Describe the tryout process

    • Describe what they are looking for during the drills

    • Administer the tryout

    • Take notes through the tryout about the athletes

    • Thank & congratulate all students for participating in the tryout

    • Give location of when and where teams are to be posted

    • Collaborate (if applicable) with all other coaches and select team(s)

    • Submit team(s) to the Athletic Director

  • Athletic Director will review team and then post on school web-site

Team Selection

  • Coaches will select players for teams based on:
    • Each athlete’s performance of skill during the drills, lead-up games and actual game-play (if-applicable) during tryouts.
    • An athlete's attitude, effort and ability to maintain tryout expectations
    • Overall team makeup (ie, speed, size, position)
  • Coaches may request information from athletes in an effort to get a better picture of the athlete and their background.  Coaches understand that the items listed below will not be the final determiner when selecting a team.  They include:
    • Experience
    • Level of play (club, park, school, etc.)
    • Grade level
    • Prior team placement
    • Commitment level to school team
      • Participation in school or outside of school activities
      • Participation on teams outside of school
  • Coaches will NOT allow team selection to be influenced by:
    • Personal experience with athlete
    • Personal experience with athlete during an on or off-campus sport/activity/class
    • Private coaching or coaching club/travel/park athletic team
    • Pressure from other sources including, but not limited to, club/travel teams, school staff, coaches or parents.
  • When possible,
    • All coaches involved in the tryout process within a specific sport/division will help in the selection of teams.
    • The highest level coach for that sport/division will help coordinate team selection for all lower level teams.  

Parents & Tryouts

  • In most instances, parents are welcome to watch tryouts.

  • Parents should not be interacting with students or coaches during the tryouts.

  • Parents are not to assist coaches in any way during the tryout.

  • If possible, conversations with the coach should take place after the all tryouts are completed.

Following Team Posting...

  • Students that are not selected for teams may:

    • Tryout for another team that season provided there are tryout dates still available

    • Join the "No-Cut" sport offered that season (Fall-Cross Country, Winter-Wrestling, Spring-Track & Field)

    • Request to meet with the coach to discuss how they did in the tryout and/or ask what areas they can improve upon

  • Coach(s) will be available, by appointment, to discuss:

    • Student strengths & weaknesses

    • Other observations about the tryout using coach's notes or other impressions

  • Coach(s) will not:

    • Discuss other student's tryout

    • Share notes regarding other students


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